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Culture, strategy and value(s) are one and the same.

There’s the infamous quote from management consultant Peter Drucker ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ … The route to success is where strategy is culture.

Organisational design and implementation are key to unlocking focussed and achievable change and transformation. Value(s) supported by coaching, mentoring and coach supervision make change and transformation a reality.

We bring together learning from the place of strategic and practical understanding.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has significant impact on the performance and value(s) for individuals and for organisational success.


Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching for everyone has significant impact on realising individual and organisational value.


Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic team coaching is the value builder between individuals, teams, groups, wider-organisation and all stakeholders in the organisation’s ecosystem.


Coach Supervision

Coach supervision, is the respected place for the coach or leader to develop as a coach, get support and attend to wellbeing, assure quality and ethical practice and develop reflexivity and organisational practice.


Return on Investment (ROI) and evaluation

Research commissioned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers found that companies that used professional Executive coaching received a median return on their initial investment of 700%. A number of other studies show similar results. Take a look at our Q&A section for further information on models that can used and practical suggests and solutions for calculating your ROI.

The key findings from Henley Business School Corporate Learning Priorities Survey 2016 found that coaching is still the preferred learning and development method for senior and Executive management and high potentials.

Realising talent for business performance by managing the coaching process helps to maximise the business benefits from executive coaching.  Building performance measurement into the process at the beginning to align expectations and then again is useful for evaluation. Once the coaching has started the coaching relationship can be refocused to deal with the revised issues or changing business priorities.  Feedback and evaluation at the end of the coaching and again six months later to fully evaluate the progress made towards business objectives.  Ideally evaluating the business impact of coaching for the difference in terms of:

  • the Leader
  • the Leader and their Team

and how the coaching work will further ongoing development of the Leader and of the Team will establish the return on investment to your business.

Careers at Innoxy

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