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Transitioning to the board coaching programme

For current board members, individuals about to become board members or individuals who have ambitions of becoming board members.

Learning and development areas

  • Understand and one’s strengths and areas for development to evolve and mature into a high performing board director to:
  • Influence group dynamics and handling critical relations on the board
  • Understand how you fit with functions on the board to make positive contributions to the business
  • Determine the relationship of sub-committees with the main board and how you can become more effective in your role
  • Consider and discover how to defend reputation, address risk, and add value through effective governance
  • Personal and organisational outcomes

What will I get out of it?

You will develop increased knowledge and self-awareness for trans formational leadership benefiting you and others around you using your role fully to make a positive contribution to the company

What will my organisation get out of it?

Greater value from board meetings in terms of better functioning boards, maximising potential from the board and throughout the
organisation. Clarity of actions coming from the board, productivity from more valuable contributions, and effective working groups.

This programme is a combination of face to face and on-going remote coaching to benefit from maximum learning opportunities, time effectiveness and flexibility. This programme will be available from July 2016 and will consist of an introductory session and 6 further coaching sessions. The programme is flexible around commitments to the business and board meetings.

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For more information on group coaching in your business environment please contact:  Kristina Crabbe, Innoxy Executive Coaching Practice, +44 (0)771 429 1907

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