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For CEOs, C-suite, Directors and Leaders throughout the organisation.  A trusted coaching relationship is key to realising success from Coaching. Innoxy is most frequently engaged in Executive Coaching sessions and programmes in the following ways::

Remote coaching increases the flexibility of coaching.  It maximises the use of time, place and often is much more accessible as effective practical sessions can be set up to meet business needs at short notice.
Improvements in the quality and reliability of video conference and calling technologies have made remote coaching more relaxed and effective.  Remote coaching also includes phone coaching which also is more convenient, focused and time and budget effective.
Remote coaching works well for standalone Executive coaching or for example as part of a leadership development programme.

The benefits and why the demand for remote coaching is increasing:

  • Executives and organisations find that it works
  • Remote coaching gives more flexibility and facilitates real time learning close to key events, increasing business impact
  • Remote coaching is cost-efficient and time effective
  • Sessions can be shorter and more frequent and set up at short notice to meet business and individual working demands
  • Remote coaching enables Global coaching to be achieved with equality and facilitates diversity across geographies and cultures
  • Remote coaching’s accessibility enables learning and behavioural change to deliver desired business outcomes and organisational change

Remote coaching programmes can start with a face to face meeting which can be useful in developing the coaching relationship.  Often remote coaching too forms part of a bespoke coaching programme and is used in conjunction with face to face coaching or as the business and geographical requirements change.

Assessment tools as an option

For Remote coaching the coach can use psychological profiling to help the client make sense of their situation.  We also use a range of psychometric tools for starting development and for building deeper insight.  The core tools we use are 16pf, MBTI step I, TKI and then FIRO-B and MBTI step II for gaining deeper self awareness and insight of self and others.

All of the psychometric tools can be used for self awareness and development in the 1:1 coaching environment, building relationships with colleagues and or for team development and coaching.  These coaching aids can also provide cross cultural platforms for multicultural teams and groups.

Psychometric tools and profiling tools for traits and preferences can also be used at different times as part of organisational coaching processes to attract, to select candidates, to develop self and relationships, to build personal and organisational capability and to retain people in your business.  Innoxy’s consultancy and coaching approach combine to deliver improved business performance.

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