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For CEOs, C-level, Directors and Leaders throughout the organisation.  A trusted coaching relationship is key to realising success from Coaching. Innoxy is most frequently engaged in Executive Coaching sessions and programmes in the following ways:

Team Coaching

There is a clear link between coaching of senior leaders and a natural progression to want to take the benefits of coaching to their home teams and beyond.
Team coaching enables executive and senior leadership teams to reach their full potential at different stages of their development, be it new teams or teams with new members coming together, to lead the organisation for the first time or established teams wanting to refresh their approach and work effectively and as high performing teams.

Ideally the team coach works with the team and then members of the team have both individual coaching and coaching as a team, the approach varies to meet the particular needs of each team.  Programmes and bespoke initiatives are built around the following outcomes:

  • Building high performance teams and team coaching
  • Developing and embedding high performance team behaviours
  • Disciplines of high performance, the operating model to make it happen
  • The coaching style team meeting structure and model to restructure board and leadership team meetings
  • Support for the team leader as team coach: CEO, functional head or team Manager

Group Coaching

Group coaching is for groups that are not necessarily teams, the groups come together for learning where the individuals in the group benefit from the perspectives of the other members of the group. Group coaching is effective at working on development areas in promoting cultural change or business challenges around leadership and relationships at work.

The benefits and why the demand for group coaching is increasing:

  • Group members develop awareness of self and others and benefit from all of the members perspectives and their knowledge and information
  • It is useful in increasing the knowledge and skills of working with colleagues across functional areas of the business
  • It is used to promote and establish cultures based on a coaching style of leadership
  • It is an opportunity for group members to develop their own skills as a coach
  • It facilitates group learning and development to bring about change in the organisation for improved and future business performance

Assessment tools as an option

For Group & Team coaching the coach can use psychological profiling to help the client make sense of their situation.  We also use a range of psychometric tools for starting development and for building deeper insight.  The core tools we use are 16pf, MBTI step I, TKI and then FIRO-B and MBTI step II for gaining deeper self awareness and insight of self and others.

All of the psychometric tools can be used for self awareness and development in the 1:1 coaching environment, building relationships with colleagues and or for team development and coaching.  These coaching aids can also provide cross cultural platforms for multicultural teams and groups.

Psychometric tools and profiling tools for traits and preferences can also be used at different times as part of organisational coaching processes to attract, to select candidates, to develop self and relationships, to build personal and organisational capability and to retain people in your business.  Innoxy’s consultancy and coaching approach combine to deliver improved business performance.

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