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Remote leadership development

For leaders and high potentials who want to increase self knowledge and build deeper insight to develop new skills to mature as a trans- formational leader

Learning and development areas – leadership coaching

  • A range of psychological and integrated tools and models to increase and be aware of conscious and unconscious emotions
  • MBTI Step I and II, TKI and FIRO-B for understanding self, others and group dynamics
  • Realising change through constructing change patterns and programmes, leadership styles and presence, building personal resilience

Personal and organisational outcomes

What will I get out of it?

  • Increased knowledge and self-awareness. Insights into how you express your behaviours and how your are right now
  • Establish your personal model of effective change
  • Clarify your own identity as a leader and become confident in your authenticity
  • Develop strategies for building personal resilience for you and your people
  • Realise the power and potential of your creative mind and explore and exploit new futures

What will my organisation get out of it?

  • Improved leadership performance of leaders in groups and the
  • Increased capability and maturity in the organisation for challenging times
  • Breadth of base for a coaching culture
  • Encouraged and enhanced innovation and creativity
  • Increased consciousness, well-being and effectiveness for a more sustainable organisation

Cost of the leadership coaching programme:

This programme is a remote coaching programme and takes place using video-call or telephone conferencing. It consists of an
introductory session and 6 further coaching sessions and final session for clarifying and setting onward progress. The cost of the remote leadership development programme is £840.00 (inc VAT and online tools).

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For more information on group coaching in your business environment please contact: Kristina Crabbe, Innoxy Executive Coaching Practice, +44 (0)771 429 1907

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